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" Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way." -Ray Bradbury

Writing has always been a passion of mine.  Whether it's writing technical textbooks, professional articles, website or other copy, or even poetry for fun, I find joy in trying to connect adjective to neuron in an attempt to elicit a response.

Below are several writing samples from various stages of my career and life.  Enjoy!


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Learning XNA

One of my favorite projects was writing two technical textbooks for O'Reilly on the Microsoft-backed game development platform XNA. As much as possible in a technical book, the editors at O'Reilly encouraged me to work my personality into the books, which brought the words to life for me in a way I never thought possible in a textbook.

The books have been very positively reviewed on  Both books have been used as college-level textbooks at over 50 universities nationwide including: DePaul University, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, The Ohio State University, San Diego State University, and the University of Kentucky.

The inspiration behind the books came from a graphics and game development course I taught at Neumont College of Computer Science.  In the absence of an adequate textbook for the course, I started this project which was picked up by O'Reilly.


​The source code for Learning XNA 4.0 can be found here.  The source code for Learning XNA 3.0 can be found here.

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