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In 2007, while overseeing the development and instruction of a computer science course on video games, I decided to change the curriculum from DirectX to XNA.

One of the biggest challenges was, there weren't many books on the subject that students could use as reference material.  So, I wrote my own!  O'Reilly graciously offered to publish it and thus was born Learning XNA 3.0.

Programming Console
Electronic component

A few years after the release of XNA 3.0, Microsoft updated the toolset, which meant the book needed a refresh too.

Again, O'Reilly published the updated text.  

Both Learning XNA 3.0 and Learning XNA 4.0 were well-received (based on Amazon and O'Reilly reviews).  The textbooks were used worldwide at over 40 colleges and universities including University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of Missouri, San Diego State University, Miami University, Old Dominion University, Texas Tech University, UC Santa Cruz and more.

Introduction to Python

In 2019, I was contracted by the International University of Applied Sciences to write a new textbook for their students in an Introduction to Python programming course.  The book walked students through setup and "Hello World" to large and complex programs leveraging Python's extraordinary capacity for data manipulation.


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