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Aaron Reed, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Educator, Author, Results-Driven Leader

I am an enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic leader who always seeks to improve those around me.  My greatest passion is helping others achieve their potential through education.  There are so many challenges in today's higher education environment and through innovation and attention to results we can create positive change.  I thrive on dynamic and complex challenges and love working with others toward a larger goal.  

Throughout my career, I have garnered deep academic and professional experience in both the software development / high-tech industry and in higher education administration.  This somewhat unique background provides me with a STEM- and technology-oriented perspective which is perfectly suited to today's education environment.  

My Personal and Professional Philosophy

What drives each of us personally or professionally?  What makes some of us so motivated to "succeed" and what makes others not seek the same goals?  What is "success" anyway?  Each of us is motivated differently and each of us has his or her own definition of "success."  

As for me, in short, I am an eternal optimist and always strive to improve myself, organizations with which I am involved, and to help those around me discover and reach their own potential.  To read more about my personal and professional philosophy, click the link below.



Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science and Software Engineering

Auburn University


The Effects of Community Partnerships on K-12 Computer Science Education

Master of Science, Computer Science - Interactive Intelligence

Georgia Institute of Technology


Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders Certificate

Harvard Business School


Master of Business Administration

Neumont College of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Weber State University


In addition to contributing to a variety of journals, I am the author of two textbooks on XNA, a set of Microsoft libraries and tools to facilitate graphics and game development.  You can read about those books here.

You can also check out my dissertations at Texas Tech and Auburn.  

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